About GWIA

Global Women Inspiration Awards is an initiative by I CAN Foundation that recognizes and acknowledges invincible potential of women change makers. GWIA celebrates the commitment, courage and confidence of exceptional women across dimensions and geographical boundaries. It aims to inspire female achievers in present and into the future. We understand an empowered woman is powerful beyond measures, beautiful beyond description and capable of architecting the world into a better place while inspiring several more.

#GWIA and #SheInspires is on a mission to bring a diverse range of female role models to prominence for girls and young women, to provide inspiration when they consider their future careers.

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She Inspire Magazine's Special Edition For Global Women Inspiration Awards 2021

She Inspire is rebel against patriarchy to brutal chauvinism. We stand like a strong pillar in the journey of women’s empowerment. 

SheInspiresMagazine is on a mission to bring a diverse range of female role models to prominence for girls and young women, to provide inspiration when they consider their future careers. Therefore, this magazine brings out a diverse range of female role models as a confident wind of motivation and inspiration for other aspiring girls out there. We have selected women from all over the globe the achievers of Global Women Excellence Awards. 

Through this magazine we recite the stories of the achievers of the Global Women Excellence Awardees which is a huge inspiration to all the women out there. This magazine covers leading women who have broken all the shackles of stereotypical society and its matchbox-sized minds.  SheInspire exists to provide a platform to all women to come together. There are women on one hand who can help/mentor and there are women who seek help/mentor. 

Every woman is as important as every man in society. We present to you some of our nation’s most important and notable women who have made us proud with their accomplishments and also made our nation look like a globe of light. We have some phenomenal women from all over India, who have fought against a variety of dogmas and have overcome times of hardship. Their stories are a great source of inspiration not just for women but for all of us. 

 SheInspire aspires to be the world’s largest women magazine with the aim to positively impact in each and every woman’s life!


Selection Process


Award is open for every women. Interested participants needs to nominate their profile by filling up the nomination form, with all credentials.



Selection committee reviews all applications to select high potential inspiring women to invite at our grand award ceremony of GWIA.

Magazine Coverage

All the selected nominations are invited to attend our grand award ceremonies, where the chief guest graces the function and rewards all the awardees.

5 Reasons Why Participation is Important


Global Women Inspiration Awards is an initiative by I CAN Foundation that perceives and acknowledge invincible potential of women change makers. GWIA celebrates the zeal, fortitude and continuing commitment to excellence of outstanding women across the globe. These  selected women will get a huge opportunity to publish there inspirational story on the #SheInspire  portal.

All women across the world can participate. The recipients of these awards are all stellar women who have harnessed the spirit of Activism, Innovation, Professionalism, Entrepreneurship, and excellence to produce tangible, path-breaking results in their respective sectors.

  1. Nomination Process: The nominations/applications are invited throughout the world from the potential nominees by way of e-mails, phone calls, mails, whatsapp and other digital modes. The nomination form is available online on this website or you can get it directly by our team members.
  2. Selection Process: GWIA only recognizes women who has demonstrated superior leadership and success over several years and have a inspiring story. Nominee should have a track record of long-term achievements, community involvement and professional growth. The recipient will be women who are known for there positive influence and competent abilities. 
  1. Nominations can be Submitted online only. The nomination form along with other relevant documents will be accepted in English only. 
  2. Incomplete Nomination Form or received after the due date are liable to be rejected.
  3. The nomination and selection process will be done simultaneously.
  4. Nomination fee is applicable only after selection of individual profile. 
  5. The nomination fee is non refundable, in any circumstances. 
  6. Additional Companion/Guest charges will be applicable. 
  7. Any false information submitted in the nomination form will lead to immediate and permanent disqualification.
  8. Decision of Selection Committee Panel will be final and binding on all. No appeal or protest in this regard would be entertained.
  9. The applicant/nominee can be contacted over mobile for validation of supplied data.
  10. The management reserves its rights to extend, reschedule and alter the venue, date and time and the chief guests/ distinguished guests of the GWIA 2022 for any such reasons and exigencies which are not controllable at the hands of the organisation.
  11.  The management reserves the right to, at its discretion, withdraw or amend or add to the Terms and Conditions of these awards at any time